Radio Days!

After  unceremoniously leaving WHFS-FM, I had an alternative music radio program called the Spritus Cheese Natural Rhythm Show on WGTB-FM, in Washington, DC.

I held down the 3-6PM afternoon on-air slot and filled it with primarily rhythmic  jazz, blues, rock, soul, Latin and Brazilian beats.

WGTB, Georgetown Broadcasting, was founded in 1946 by Georgetown University Jesuits to air the Latin Mass to shut-ins and anti-Communist theatrical plays. By the 1970s, it had become one of the most radical, leftist stations in the nation and one of the most influential in Washington, D.C., so much that Spiro Agnew decried its existence in the New York Times. In 1979, Georgetown sold the FM signal to the University of DC for $1 (who later sold it to C-SPAN for $13 million.) Radical Silence chronicles the story of this wild ride through American History through the lens of college radio.

Radical Silence: The Story of WGTB-FM from Static Productions on Vimeo.

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